We exist to help your projects and your business thrive. Here are the four areas in which we are ready to support you.

Project Management

End to end project management, performed by PMP certified specialists with more than a decade of expertise and hundreds of properly delivered projects. Our areas of expertise are ERP (SAP, Oracle, among others) development, implementation and/or customizing, software development and infrastructure deployment.

Technology Consultancy

Complete evaluation of your current tech stack, gap analysis, market research and new technologies suggestion and implementation.

Process Improvement

Process mapping, evaluation and suggestions for improvement. New processes implementation and continuous improvement.


Identification of repetitive and unnecessary activities and processes. Research and suggestion for the best applicable technique or tool for each case. Automation implementation and team training for new scenario.

Project Management

Project Planning

Performed according to all best practices and considering all relevant areas, such as scope, time, costs, quality, risks, stakeholders, integration, HR, communications and procurements.

Project Management

Waterfall or agile, you choose it and we handle it. Our experts have knowledge and experience to master both types of projects, and even recommend the best one if you are not sure yet.

Project Handover

After all is said and done, we will help your team during the transition phase between project and operation, so that the project outcome is always the expected one.

Technology Consultancy

Tech Stack Analysis

We will analyze all technology-related activities, including all softwares, SaaS, hardware, its correlations, integrations, to fully understand how your business’ processes are interacting with your tech stack.

Gap Analysis

After knowing your current situation, it is time to analyze the distance between where your business is right now and where it needs to be. The result will be the gap, and when this is fully mapped, we will be ready to find solutions.

New Tech Implementation

We will research the solutions currently avaliable on the market, to find the ones that fit perfectly in your business. With the proper implementation of these new tools we will close all the previously mapped gaps. We will help implement these tools, as well as train your team to use it properly.

Processes Improvement

Process Mapping

We will analyze and map all processes happening in your company, end to end. This will give you a 10.000 feet vision of your whole operation, which brings insights on improvement opportunities.

Process Analysis

After everything is properly mapped, we will analyze all data looking for improvement opportunities, such as processes that can be reduced, integrated, automated, replaced by simpler ones, or simply removed.

Process Continuous Improvement

After presenting to your team all identified opportunities, we will define a plan of action, where we will help implementing all approved changes, including the necessary training of your team and culture change. We will also help you implement continuous improvement processes and strategies, so that this work does not get lost in the future.



Repetitive tasks drain time and energy. Most of these activities can be automated by integrating two or more apps of your tech stack. We will identify these opportunities and help you solve the problem.

API/webhooks development

If you have your own software, but it does not integrate to other apps, we can help you upgrade it, by building a public API (which will help you receive data from other apps) and webhooks (which will send data out to other apps).

Introduction of new apps

If it is not possible to integrate the apps you are currently using, and there is also no possibility of creating the integration interfaces, we will help you find new apps that can fit into your new automated processes.


During the last few years, our experts have been managing big projects in very proeminent companies. Please find below just a few examples of such companies.

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